I have travelled far and wide, lived through a variety of experiences, learnt from so many different cultures. I now look at all my collected treasures and dream of times gone by...


A beautiful summer day - golden sun, white clouds and a clear blue sky. We want to enjoy this marvellous day outdoors. So we cycle down to the green meadow, swim in the lake and feast on a delicious picnic, under the old tree, with bread, cheese, wine and other lip-smacking goodies.


I let myself go; with no thoughts on what was or what will come; I live for the present. I live for peace and harmony. And yes, I live to enjoy this glorious life to the fullest.


The aroma of freshly baked cakes wafts through the house; the voices of little children float in from the garden; melodious oldies spill out of the radio. The guests will be arriving shortly - is everything ready?


The heat, the stillness, does anybody or anything live here? Look, here they are, the wanderers, the nomads who travel with their camels. They stop at an oasis and then move on. Their lives are the stories of the desert. And their souls are the souls of the desert.

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