Nothing warms up a home like the colours of cotton - in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. Checquered, cheerful, or just plain cheeky in their imaginative combinations, our bright, pretty furnishings are as tough as one can get, when it comes to the rigours of frequent handling and washing.

"Cotton is cool" is perhaps the simplest tribute to the world's most confortable and universally loved fabric. Yet in the language of today, it's a statement of style. A certain easy-going chic. To ICL International, it means all of these and more. It means a sense of pride that it brings to the world of cotton from the original cotton country: India.

A Passion for Variety: A Promise of Quality.

Our experts rely on another expert - the housewife.
Nobody knows the look, the feel, the wear and tear of household fabrics like the housewife. That's why our experts at sourcing and supplying cotton furnishings are all people who have lived as consumers, in the very countries where these fabrics are used and have a thorough understanding of the local housewife's expectations and experiences with cotton fabrics. We also have international design consultants based in Europe, to stay up-to-the-minute with local trends and needs.

On Time, Every Time: A Responsible View to Delivery Schedules.

A commitment to a delivery date is a promise that absolutely must be honoured; this strict approach to time schedules has earned trust with our customers.

Certified by the very best: SGS - Geneva, Switzerland

ICL International has its quality certified by SGS - Geneva on a continuous basis: final proof that our standard is indeed world class.

What we can offer you...

Our range of home furnishings includes, but is not necessarily limited to, kitchen, table and bedlinen. A more detailed list is given below:

Kitchen LinenTable LinenBed LinenMiscellaneous
Kitchen TowelsTableclothsPillow CasesCushion Covers
Pot HoldersNapkinsFlat / Fitted SheetsCurtains
Kitchen GlovesPlacementsDuvet Covers 

Fabrics for these items are manufactured in a variety of counts and constructions, a few of which are detailed under:

Yarn counts and Constructions used are:


Yarn Count (English)


Maximum Width


2/20 X 2/20

40 X 34

112" (285 cms)


2/30 X 2/30

60 X 56

112" (285 cms)


2/40 X 2/40

60 X 56

112" (285 cms)


2/60 X 2/60

100 X 72

112" (285 cms)


2/80 X 2/80

100 X 72

44" (110 cms)

(plain and satins)

40 X 40

100 X 92
136 X 72

108" (275 cms)


60 X 60

220 X 110

108" (275 cms)


80/2 X 80/2

160 X 62

108" (275 cms)


100/2 X 80/2

174 X 70

108" (275 cms)

Our fabrics and textiles are tough mainly due to the weaves that we use. Our weaves help our fabrics to sustain the rigours of frequent washing and handling.


Types of Weaves:

Plain weaves and its derivatives

Twill, Drill and derivatives thereof

Satin, satin stripes, sateens and derivatives thereof

Waffle with / without jacquards



And a few other salient features of our products:

A maximum of 8 colours in the weft up to a width of 108° (275 cms)
AZO free dye in compliance with International Norms
A colourfastness for all shades at 40° C, 60° C and even 95° C.
100% inspection for any shipment, regardless of the quantity.

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