The people behind ICL International:

Ashwin Srinivasan
Director - ICL International

Credentials include:
  • A Bachelor's degree in Engineering in India
  • A Master's in Business Administration from Cornell University, America
  • A degree in Textiles from the Textilfachschule, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 5 Years of Extensive experience in textile and design

Soon after his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering in India, Ashwin went on to Cornell University in the USA for his Masters in Business Administration. Thereafter, his passion for design and aesthetics led him to textiles, and to a Degree in Textiles from the Textilfachschule in Zurich, Switzerland. Having readied himself for the role, Ashwin then went on to accumulate experience in textiles and design, in Europe and in India.

Ashwin's design sense, intuitive as well as educated, has taken ICL International a long way in terms of creativity and innovation. He believes design and quality to be the true warp and weft in textiles, so he has put into place people and systems to ensure that ICL Internationals products exceed the most stringent standards on both dimensions. His operational involvement is deep, to see to it that every single piece delivers on this promise.

Ashwin deals with all management, production and trade affairs of ICL International, in India and abroad. He would be happy to hear from you from his office address in Chennai: ICL International Limited, Dhun Building, 827 Anna Salai, Chennai 600 002. Or you could e-mail him at

Mr. André Guggenbühl
Principal Designer

Andre credits time spent working with flowers, working with form and texture and colour, as an important influence on his creativity in textiles. That this had paid off is evident in his work, which sells across the globe, from the United States in the west to Japan in the east. Andre too studied at the Textilfachschule in Zurich, where Ashwin and he met. Today, they collaborate on defining ICL International's unique design sensibility and, of course, on creating its superb products.

Ms. Hema Gopaluni

Credentials include:

  • A Degree in Economics
  • Versatile experience in various departments of management like finance, administration, documentation, fabric sourcing and marketing as well

Hema Gopaluni specialises in the designing, stitching and finish of our range of home furnishings that include bed linen, table linen and kitchen linen.

Mr. A. R. Viswanathan


  • Post Graduate in Management
  • Extensive experience in India and abroad in the textile (cotton yarn) business spanning 10 years
  • Been responsible for exporting ICL's yarn and fabric extensively all over the world within a very short period.

Mr. Viswanathan is the company representative to be contacted for any matter regarding the yarn division of ICL International.

Mr. P. Siva Rama Moorthy


  • A degree in Mathematics with combination of Advanced Accountancy and Statistics.
  • Post graduate diploma in Foreign Trade Management.
  • Decade of specialised experience in Commercial/Financial/Accounts and Administration departments in textile industry.

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