Weaving the Magic Yarn into your home.

We're in the business of aesthetics. And of exports.
Of tastefully decorated homes. And contemporary European designs.
Of perfectly finished products. And fusing classic and new styles of furnishings.
Of creating cheery kitchenware, elegant dining and soothing bedrooms.
We're in the business of creativity, in other words.
We're also in the business of quality - quality that lives up to the highest global standards and has earned us our place in the international market for fabric exports.
Quality and Creativity - our buzzwords. You might say, the warp and weft of ICL International.

Where do we make this magic?

For a demanding and commercial world that continues to seek quality cotton yarn, ICL International has the biggest advantage of all: a location in the native "cotton country" - India, (or more specifically, Chennai, erstwhile Madras).

How do we make this magic?

Cotton yarn for knitting and weaving is sourced either from our own mills or externally by our technically proficient staff in various counts. Our range includes single and TFO twisted yarns.

We work with technologically advanced mills with an efficient material flow, from the blowroom right up to the ring frame and autoconer stages, to produce yarn with the best possible specifications. We are extremely meticulous about this at a very fundamental stage, because this is where true quality begins - impacting not just the weaver but the processor, the buyer and finally the consumer.

Our fabric goes through a rigorous quality check at every stage before we shape them into what finally adorns the homes of our customers worldwide.

Warming up homes with a range that includes kitchen towels, aprons, tablecloths, bedsheets, curtains and cushion covers, these stylishly designed and carefully produced items can be as tough as they are pretty - perfectly capable of handling the rigours of daily use and frequent washing. A lively palette of colours. And the fabric that lends itself so beautifully to design - cotton. Our cotton exports blanket the globe all across Europe, covering America and wrapping up Australia and the Far East too.

Weaving the magic yarn and wearing the magic yarn.

Yarn dyed, checked, striped, printed, dobbies, jacquard - just name it and it's part of our exciting portfolio.
Also, we're into more than just dressing up people's homes with elan.
Our initial experiments with creating knitted apparel with our own yarn proved extremely successful.
Blazing the trail for foray into another line of business - the export of t-shirts and sweat shirts to countries like Switzerland that are highly quality savvy, of course.


Behind every successful company...
ICL International's sound foundation

ICL International has its roots in the financially strong India Cements Ltd. - a company known to spawn successes in such diverse fields as cement, real estate, shipping, finance, chemicals and trading.

With its current turnover of US $ 200 million, India Cements enjoys a towering stature in India's industrial scenario. Strengthened by a sound infrastructure, India Cements has remained rock-steady and dependable as a fountainhead of successful new business.

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