"It's the yarn that makes the fabric"

Great cotton fabrics are only as good as the yarn that go into their making - and at ICL, we believe that this is where true quality has its genesis. And therefore we source our yarn from our own spinning mill, Indu Spin Industries.

Planned with a meticulous eye for detail - every single piece of machinery, every diligent aspect of operation has only one goal: Indu Spin Industries must deliver QUALITY.

Quick off the mark in proving itself, Indu Spin Industries has been producing yarn for a tough and demanding world market.

Our plant is capable of producing 100% cotton warp and hosiery yarn in count ranges between 20 and 80 in carded and combed varieties.

Our single-minded drive towards quality is fuelled by these steps.

Foresight in planning our location: Set near Hyderabad in South India, there is enough land available for doubling our spinning capacity.

Shopping for the world's best: Most of the machinery in the critical preparatory and finishing sections are imported from UK and Japan.

Our grand design for efficiency: A clever layout for placing our machinery and peripheral equipment (even our containers for cotton storage have their positions painted on the floor) brings speed and optimum efficiency to our work.

A constant sharpening of skills: In-house training of staff is a constant on our agenda.

Handling people with care: A healthy environment means a motivated workforce - and we're particularly proud of how we put this thought into action. At our sparkling clean floor, masks, caps and aprons are compulsory - protecting our workforce and enhancing their efficiency.

The wisdom of experience: Indu Spin Industries is headed by Mr. N. Srinivasan, who is also the Managing Director of India Cements Limited, one of the leading industrial houses in India. With a turnover of over US $200 million, India Cement's multi-faceted operations include cement, shipping, chemicals, real estate and property development, trading and finance. The Managing Director of Indu Spin Industries is Mr. Muni Krishna - an accomplished engineer with over 25 years in the industry to his credit, thereby lending a wealth of industrial and management experience to the enterprise. Also on the board is Mr Ashwin Srinivasan, a masters' degree holder in business management from the United States, whose specialised education in textile manufacture from Switzerland helps us understand perfectly the pulse of the international market. Our technical chief, Mr. Gupta has over 20 years of senior level experience in the cotton spinning industry - and helps bring critical judgement to the end quality of our products.

The equipment that makes our yarn

  • Blow Room from Crosrol of UK : Has a production capacity of 600 kgs/hour and a sequence of Cotton Hopper Blending Opener, 3 Roller Cleaner, heavy particle separator, 4-chamber Blender, Pinned Opener and a recently developed Integrated Opener and Cleaner.

  • Cards from Crosrol of UK - Model MK 5: Has a production capacity of 35 kgs/hour per machine for quality yarn, fitted with Auto Leveller to minimise count variation.

  • Filters: A rotary filter of Crosrol make, which separates and sucks out different types of waste in cotton from Blow Room and Carding machines.

  • Sliver Lap and Ribbon Lap from Lakshmi (India) with a production capacity of 140 kgs/hour each.

  • Comber: Combers from Lakshmi with a production capacity of 18 kgs/hour each.

  • Drawing: Drawframes of Hara Cherry, Japan with Uster Auto Leveller with a production capacity of 100 kgs/hour.

  • Speedframe: Speedframe from Textool (India) with a production capacity of 55 kgs/hour, with 4 roller drafting to produce the best quality of rove.

  • Ringframes of latest version (DJ500) from Textool with SKF PK 225 drafting system.

  • Winding with Autoconers of latest model No.7.V of Murata, Japan with a production capacity of 65 kgs/hour attached with UPM (Uster Polymatic Clearers).

  • Inspection and packing: A team of qualified and trained people to bring thoroughness to the end product.

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